Top signs of an emotionally immature partner

Top signs of an emotionally immature partner

It sounds pretty straightforward and clear enough: to date and find any level of happiness at it, you would need to be with someone who has a leash on their emotions. You want to be with someone who understands themselves enough to handle their own emotions properly, while respecting and putting their partner’s feelings in perspective at all times.

If you are with one who has yet to master this necessary part of their personality, this is how you will know:

They don’t respect space

No one wants to be with another person for 24 hours 7 days a week. Everyone has a life outside of their relationship and the best relationships allow people thrive and grow in those other aspects of their lives. To have a partner who can neither handle this or allow it is not a good sign.

“Matured individuals are aware that everybody needs personal space and time for themselves to grow,” dating and relationship expert Celia Schweyer, from, explained.

If your partner can’t deal with you needing quiet time to decompress after work, or private bath time without interruptions, they might have a problem.

“This kind of thinking is associated with egocentric behaviors where kids think that the world revolves only around themselves,” Schweyer said.

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Even during fights, don’t say things you do not mean [Credit: Defender Network]

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Do they take responsibility for their actions?

Until you begin to take responsibility for your actions and inactions, your emotional maturity is not complete yet.

“Emotionally immature people look for someone to blame when things go south,” Schweyer says. “You can spot this red flag in the way they handle their smallest issues like unpaid bills, missed schedules, or bad restaurant services.”

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They don’t care about your feelings

They could say they do, because, hey, who would admit that they don’t give a damn about how their partner feels?

But in reality, a look at their actions and the way they treat you shows that they really do not care about how you feel or what their actions do to you.

“People who are like this often have a mindset that they are always right, so they don’t need your opinion,” Schweyer says. “They wouldn’t be the type of people who would care about your thoughts, and they might even get offended when you try to suggest a different way of doing things.”

Simply put:  they have a hard time processing your thoughts and feelings. It is one of the prime ways of knowing someone who still has issues with handling their own emotions.

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