Laverne Cox & Angelica Ross On Disclosure’s Impact and Protecting Trans Lives | Netflix

Laverne Cox & Angelica Ross On Disclosure’s Impact and Protecting Trans Lives | Netflix

What happens now that the impact of ‘Disclosure’ has been felt? Moderated by activist and writer Tre’vell Anderson, Executive Producer Laverne Cox and co-star Angelica Ross reunite to share their thoughts on what’s next for transgender representation in Hollywood, untold stories that didn’t make the cut and how we can take action as a society in protecting trans lives.


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Laverne Cox & Angelica Ross On Disclosure’s Impact and Protecting Trans Lives | Netflix

In this documentary, leading trans creatives and thinkers share heartfelt perspectives and analysis about Hollywood’s impact on the trans community.


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  1. I don’t really think the hate comes from masculinity. It’s way too broad and encompassing a category for the narrow minority of aggressive, close minded people that attack trans. If it was a masculine issue they also wouldn’t received hate from female. We see instances of aggression everywhere, not just in the physical form.

    If we don’t actually treat people as individuals and keep treating people as nothing more than a member of group, it makes it very easy to dehumanise them, it maybe dehumanising trans people, straight people, black people or white people. Less emphasis on group markers and more emphasis on being individual and treating others as individual, I’m sure would yield more effective results in reducing hatred in all groups.

    People are not the sum of their group identity. I can’t know the totality of someone just by knowing their skin colour or their orientation. All groups have their good and bad, I’ve seen hostility come from the LGBT community directed at other humans for nothing more than being straight. I’ve seen straight people reduced to that identity and completely ignored because of it. Dismissal of any human based on a group identity is wrong.
    The sweeping generalisations we create about group identity is what’s perpetuating a lot of hatred. This is negative stereotyping. The best way around negative stereotyping is to stop treating each other as group members and see the individual. Less emphasis on collectivism and more emphasis on individualism.

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