First 15 Minutes of Army of the Dead | Netflix

First 15 Minutes of Army of the Dead | Netflix

The first 15 minutes of Zack Snyder’s ARMY OF THE DEAD. Zombie Elvis? Check. Face melting action? Check. A special cameo? Check. Mind blown? You tell us.

Watch it while you can – this video will self-destruct after 32 hours. Viewer discretion advised.

Army of the Dead is in select theaters May 14 and only on Netflix May 21.


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  1. okay did anybody realise the scene with the super zombie surrounding the 2 army men in circles and one falls down before the other gets attacked is a homage to an american werewolf in london

  2. Zack and this genre of movies are the best thing together. IMO he should get away from DCEU and start a career here. It would revolutionize the genre.

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