Biohackers | First Original Series stored in DNA | Netflix

Biohackers | First Original Series stored in DNA | Netflix

Biohackers is a gripping science thriller about biotechnologies. We have turned the series itself into a biotechnological experiment: the first Netflix Original Series stored in DNA. This making-of explains how the first episode of Biohackers was embedded in synthetical DNA.

Biohackers – Streaming on Netflix from August 20.

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Biohackers ist ein packender Wissenschafts-Thriller über Biotechnologie. Wir haben die Serie selbst zu einem biotechnologischen Experiment gemacht: die erste Netflix Original Serie gespeichert in DNA. In diesem Making-Of wird erklärt, wie die erste Folge von Biohackers in synthetische DNA gespeichert wurde.

Biohackers – ab 20.August auf Netflix.

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  1. I can’t believe this is seriously possible..that this is not science fiction..I had no idea..great job Netflix

  2. Imagine being in class and having to present your PowerPoint all u do is prick ur finger and let a few drops out on the iphone36 😂😂😂😂

  3. It sounds fun to inject a series to your body until you become “UGH THE FINALE SUCKS AND I CANT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD PLEASE END MY SUFFERING”

  4. Wow. This is fascinating. Thanks for doing this and educating people about future biotechnology while entertaining them at the same time.

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