Best Burns | Space Force | Netflix

Best Burns | Space Force | Netflix

Somebody better call the Space Force, because this video just burned a hole in the Ozone.

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Best Burns | Space Force | Netflix

A four-star general begrudgingly teams up with an eccentric scientist to get the U.S. military’s newest agency — Space Force — ready for lift-off.


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  1. Here’s wishing they didn’t just make Space Force another disinformation campaign to keep the public thinking we still ACTUALLY use rockets as a viable form of propulsion out in space. People really need to educate themselves on the anti gravity that was lost to the general public, the electromagneticgraviticly controlled spacecraft have existed for decades. I’ve seen them up close in person and can tell you they’re damn impressive, not only that but those craft make our rockets look as antiquated as a horse n buggy today. They’ve been lying to us for years, now the gov and society is treating the Space Force as a joke, when in reality there’s nothing more highly classified or more highly budgeted than the Secret Space Programs that have been going on for years now within the military industrial complex. Especially the massive effort undertaken by the Navy decades ago along with private corporations and hasn’t taken its foot of the gas either, those blank checks to pay for HUGE underground and off world basses have added up and paid off over the years, not that the taxpayer knows any of this or gets any benefits from technological breakthroughs. Meanwhile the elite and those they use to man this secret galactic empire live in a Star Trek like reality and we live in the past, thinking we live in the best of times, when really we’re tethered to a monetary system and energy grid system, and use forms of transportation that all take fuel from cars, boats, and jet planes. All paying the man heavily to live and work. DON’T JUST WATCH THIS SHOW AND LAUGH AWAY MANNED EFFORTS IN SPACE. We are far beyond what this show and our government portrays, they want you to watch laugh and keep sippin the kool aid.

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