9 Amazing Black TV Directors On Netflix | Netflix

9 Amazing Black TV Directors On Netflix | Netflix

From Spike Lee and Debbie Allen to Ava Duvernay and Janet Mock, here are 9 amazing Black television directors whose work you can watch on Netflix right now.

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9 Amazing Black TV Directors On Netflix | Netflix


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  1. About as well as I know the ethnicity of all of the other directors. Not at all. I don’t watch ethnicity based shows except for K dramas or Telenovelas very very rarely. Ethnicity and race seems to be a very boring topic because really it isn’t something anyone gets credit for as far as I know. It just happens. Unless you are talking about who you choose to date which can be an important topic for some Asians and races but should it be? Probably not in the end. Racial purity is wrong if the two people love each other. So really who cares? Kudos to your dad and your mom and kudos to you. What is next? Probably a huge world out there full of blended people that don’t claim your racially pure identities.

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